Strengthened by the peculiarity that distinguishes it, the International Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra tackles a vast and heterogeneous repertoire, far from the usual orchestral programs.
In each concert it will be possible to listen to symphonic productions, but also chamber pieces, ranging in the historical and contemporary repertoire. The ensembles that make up the orchestra will be brought to light by proposing to the public the repertoire that they have made over the years, interpreting it with passion and competence.
The programming opens to different suggestions, such as interaction with other arts, and pays particular attention to the continuous discovery and enhancement of composers of our time. The orchestra’s staff is international in profile and brings together a blend of cultures and traditions.

ICPO is therefore addressed to a broad audience, even if not normally frequented by concert halls, and proposes to involve it by disseminating classical musica of the highest quality.

In line with the group’s ideal, the orchestra’s administrative and economic organization has a duty to be clear, fair and transparent. There is a direct proportion between the fees of the directors, the orchestra teachers, the conductor and the soloists, enshrined in the Regulations of the Orchestra, which guarantees transversal hierarchies and the qualitative growth of the project as a whole. Regardless of the proceeds of a concert, all the participants of the group will be compensated using always the same proportion.